Mysterious Women: A Quarterly Newsletter for Fans of Women Mystery Writers

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Fall 1995 - Premiere Issue
Susan Conant
Dorothy Dunnett
Lindsey Davis
Dorothy Gilman
Jean Hager
Lora Roberts
1996, No. 1
Nancy Atherton
Dorothy L. Sayers
Candace Robb
Nancy Farmer
An Interview with Lindsey Davis
B.J. Oliphant (Sheri Tepper)
J. A. Jance
Judith Van Gieson
Ann Granger
Susan Holtzer
1996, No. 2
Janet Evanovitch
 ...and an interview
with Janet Evanovitch
Amanda Cross
E.X. Ferrars
Jacqueline Girdner
Lynda S. Robinson
Earlene Fowler
Joyce Christmas
Robin Paige
...and other neat stuff
1996, No. 3
Virginia Lanier
Ngaio Marsh
D. B. Borton
Evelyn E. Smith
Suzanne North
Katherine V. Forrest
Maxine O'Callaghan
Catherine Dain
Ellis Peters
an interview with Sara Paretsky
...and other neat stuff
1996, No. 4
Charlotte MacLeod
Lilian Jackson Braun
M. C. Beaton
Kate Sedley
Barbara Burnett Smith
Laurien Berensen
Rita Mae Brown
Carole Nelson Douglas
Connie Shelton
Sarah Smith
Sarah Lovett
Interviews with Sarah Lovett
 and Joyce Christmas
...and other neat stuff
1997, No. 1
Miriam Grace Monfredo
Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
Eleanor Boylan
Marele Day
Karin McQuillan
Annette Meyers
Margaret Chittenden
Terris McMahan Grimes
Allana Martin
Rosemary Edghill
Alex Matthews
Jean Taylor
Katherine Hall Page
Sharan Newman
An article by Alex Matthews
 on Characterization
Information on writing to authors
...and other neat stuff
1997, No. 2
Martha C. Lawrence
Charlotte and Aaron Elkins
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Kerry Greenwood
Penny Warner
Dianne Day
Nancy Goldstone
Jonnie Jacobs
Leslie O'Kane
Sarah J. Mason (Hamilton Crane)
Marcia Muller
Kate Ross
...and other neat stuff
1997, No. 3
Laura Joh Rowland
Stefanie Matteson
Sharyn McCrumb
Abigail Padgett
Elizabeth Quinn
Sue Henry
Dana Stabenow
Lynne Murray
Lyn Hamilton
Kathy Lyn Emerson
Interview with Margaret Chittenden
Malice Domestic report
1997, No. 4 - 2nd Anniversary Issue
Elizabeth Eyre
Selma Eichler
Carol O'Connell
Michelle Spring
Linda Grant
Joyce Christmas' Lady Margaret
  Priam (by Camilla Crespi)
Camilla Crespi
 (by Joyce Christmas)
Lillian Roberts
Sharon Kay Penman
Barbara Seranella
Sujata Massey
Jane Rubino
Interviews with J. A. Jance
 and Nancy Atherton
St Hilda's conference report
1998, No. 1
Elizabeth Daniels Squire
Elizabeth Peters
Lillian O'Donnell
P. F. Chisholm
L. L. Thrasher
Kate Bryan
Dorothy Cannell
Sally Gunning
An Interview with
 Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Bouchercon Report
Index to past issues with
 information on writing to authors
1998, No. 2
Margaret Lawrence
Sara Hoskinson Frommer
Celestine Sibley
Marion Babson
Murder in Moments, an article
 mysterious short stories
Brigadoon and Beyond,
 Sue Henry and Kate Grilley
 hit the research trail
Karen Rose Cercone
Cathie John
Skye Alexander
Jacqueline Fiedler
Joanne Pence
Patricia Guiver
Kathleen Taylor
and some other good stuff
1998, No. 3
Jo Dereske
Jeane M. Dams
Barbara Jaye Wilson
T. J. MacGregor aka Alison Drake
Lucille Kallen
Janice Steinberg
An Interview with Alex Mathews
Judy Fitzwater
Annie Griffin
Valerie Wilcox
C. Q. Yarbro
Sarah Andrews
an article on mystery related travel
and some other good stuff
1998, No. 4
Carolyn Hart
 (the Laurance/Darling series)
Anne George
Taffy Cannon
Jo Bannister
Elizabeth George
Barbara Neely
Susan Wittig Albert
 (China Bayles series)
Carolyn Roe
Lauren Haney
Phyllis Richman
Carola Dunn
B. (Barbara) Comfort
Helen Chappell
mystery gifts and reference books,
 a rant or two,
 and some other good stuff
1999, No. 1
Kate Kingsbury
Kathy Hogan Trochek
An interview with
 Barbara Serenella
Magdalen Nabb
Molly Hardwick
Laurie King
Rhys Bowen
April Henry
Paula Carter
Monica Ferris
Margaret Frazer
1999, No. 2
Anne Perry
 (Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series)
Catherine Aird
Canadian Crime Writer feature
Ellen Godfrey
Skye Kathleen Moody
Margaret Maron
Malice Domestic
Matriarch figures in
 Women's mysteries
P.J. Grady
Della Borton
Jane Isenberg
Leslie Forbes
Elaine Viets
Mardi Oakley Medawar
1999, No. 3
Sarah Caudwell
Carol Caverly
Margaret Coel
Mary Daheim
Carol Nelson Douglas
Charlaine Harris
Janet LaPierre
Anne Perry Interview
Lisa See
Dana Stabenow
An update on Miss Seeton and
 a little copyright mystery
1999, No. 4
Edie Claire
Nancy J. Cohen
Maureen Jennings Interview
Dolores Johnson
Randye Lordon
S. J. Rozan
Joan Wolf
Sarah R. Shaber
Historical Mysteries
Nancy Pickard and Virginia Rich
Plus mysterious gifts
 and mystery conferences