Mysterious Women: A Quarterly Newsletter for Fans of Women Mystery Writers

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2010, No. 1
Sandi Ault / Wild Penance
Jennie Bentley / Plaster And Poison
Kate Carlisle / If Books Could Kill
Joanna Challis / Murder On The Cliffs
Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant / Cook The Books
Christy Evans / Lead-pipe Cinch
Joanne Fluke / Apple Turnover Murder
L.C. Hayden / When Death Intervenes
Julie Hyzy / Eggsecutive Orders
Toni L. P. Kelner / Who Killed The Pinup Queen?
Mary Kennedy / Dead Air
Rebecca Kent / Murder Has No Class
Victoria Laurie / Ghouls Gone Wild
Laura Levine / Death Of A Trophy Wife
Debbi Mack / Identity Crisis
Jenn McKinlay / Sprinkle With Murder
Radine Trees Nehring / A Journey To Die For
Karen E. Olson / Pretty In Ink
Diana Orgain / Motherhood Is Murder
Gail Oust / 'Til Dice Do Us Part
Misa Ramirez / Hasta La Vista Lola
Mary Reed / Eight For Eternity
Wendy Roberts / Dead And Kicking
Paige Shelton / Farm Fresh Murder
Dana Stabenow / A Night Too Dark
Mary Stanton / Avenging Angels
Diane A. S. Stuckart / A Bolt From The Blue
Heather Terrell / Brigid Of Kildare
Penny Warner / How To Host A Killer Party
Betty Webb / Desert Cut; Anteater Of Death
Melinda Wells / The Proof Is In The Pudding
2010, No. 2
Ellery Adams / A Thriller Plot
Emily Brightwell / Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind
Carla Buckley / The Things That Keep Us Here
Laura Childs / The Teaberry Strangler; Eggs Benedict Arnold
Wendy Clinch / Double Black
Krista Davis / The Diva Paints The Town
Earlene Fowler / State Fair
Sue Grafton / U Is For Undertow
Carolyn Hart / Laughed 'Til He Died
Elise Hyatt / Dipped, Stripped, And Dead
Julie Hyzy / Grace Under Pressure
Mary Kennedy / Dead Air
Laurie R. King / The God Of The Hive
Sophie Littlefield / A Bad Day For Sorry
Kris Neri / High Crimes On The Magical Plane
G. M. Malliet / Death at the Alma Mater
Anna Massengill / Storm Over Guantanamo
Judi McCoy / Death In Show
Kate Morgenroth / Through The Heart
Sharan Newman / The Witch In The Well
Elizabeth Peters / A River In The Sky
Maggie Sefton / Skein Of The Crime
Denise Swanson / Murder Of A Wedding Belle
Leann Sweeney / The Cat, The Professor, And The Poison
Jenny White / The Winter Thief
Nancy Means Wright / Midnight Fires
2010, No. 3
The Devil's Dance, and The Devil's Due / Arliss Adams
A Glimpse of Evil / Victoria Laurie
Death on the D-List / Nancy Grace
If Books Could Kill / Kate Carlisle
Murder at Spouters Point / Leslie Wheeler
Murder on Lexington Avenue / Victoria Thompson
Reel Murder / Mary Kennedy
Roast Mortem / Cleo Coyle
Sketch Me If You Can / Sharon Pape
The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree / Susan Wittig Albert
The Dog Park Club / Cynthia Robinson
The End Game / Gerrie Ferris Finger
The Long Quiche Goodbye / Avery Aames
Fiber & Brimstone / Laura Childs
Arsenic and Old Paint / Hailey Lind
In the Guise of Mercy / Wendy Hornsby
The Paramour's Daughter / Wendy Hornsby
Run a Crooked Mile / Janet LaPierre
Delicious and Suspicious / Riley Adams
A Glimpse of Evil / Victoria Laurie
Eye of the Mountain God / Penny Rudolph
Tragedy at Two / Ann Purser
Murder on the Eightfold Path / Diana Killian
The Night Killer / Beverly Connor
French Polished Murder / Elise Hyatt
The Hangman's Row Enquiry / Ann Purser
Tressed to Kill / Lila Dare
Cut to the Corpse / Lucy Lawrence
Now You See Her / Merline Lovcelace
Death Threads / Lynn Casey
The Calling / Inger Ash Wolfe
A Timely Vision / Joyce and Jim Lavene
2010, No. 4
Mistletoe and Mayhem / Kate Kingsbury
Invisible Path / Marilyn Meredth
Coming Back / Marcia Muller
Body Work / Sara Paretsky
The Hangman's Row Enquiry / Ann Purser
Tressed to Kill / Lila Dare
Cut to the Corpse / Lucy Lawrence
Now You See Her / Merline Lovelace
Death Threads / Lynn Casey
The Calling / Inger-Ash Wolfe
A Timely Vision / Joyce and Jim Lavene
A Marked Man / Barbara Hamilton
Death on the D-List / Nancy Grace
Playing God / Kate Flora
Skating Around the Law / Joelle Charbonneau
Under the Eye of Kali / Susan Oleksiw
Ghost in Trouble / Carolyn Hart
Buttons and Bones / Monica Ferris
Murder on the Bride's Side / Tracy Kelly
Scared Stiff / Annelise Ryan
Shroud of Dishonor / Maureen Ash
The Corpse Wore Tartan / Kaitlyn Dunnett
The Night Killer / Beverly Connor
French Polished Murder / Elise Hyatt
The Matters at Mansfield / Carrie Bebris
Nine Lives Last Forever / Rebecca M. Hale
The Tale of Oat Cake Crag / Susan Wittig Albert
Murder at the PTA / Laura Alden
The Crocodile's Last Embrace / Suzanne Arruda
The Devil's Parchment / Jeri Westerson
2011, No. 1
In The Guise of Mercy / Wendy Hornsby
The Paramour's Daughter / Wendy Hornsby
A Question of Belief / Donna Leon
Arsenic and Old Paint / Hailey Lind
Cat Coming Home / Shirley Rousseau Murphy
How to Crash a Killer Bash / Penny Warner
A Cup of Jo / Sandra Balzo
Fundraising for the Dead / Sheila Connolly
Classic Revenge / Mitzi Kelly
Berried to the Hilt / Karen MacInerney
Something Borrowed, Something Blue / Cricket McRae
Driven to Ink / Karen E. Olson
Buzz Off / Hanna Reed
Black Beans & Vice / J. B. Stanley
Scoop to Kill / Wendy Lyn Watson
If You Can't Stand the Heat / Robin Allen
A Crafty Kill / Lorraine Bartlett
The Reenactors / Luisa Buehler
Scones & Bones / Laura Child
Bit Player / Janet Dawson
Killer Listing / Vicki Douderea
Ghost Moon / Heather Graham
Where Shadows Dance / C. S. Harris
Town in a Lobster Stew / B. B. Haywood
Beaglemania / Linda O. Johnston
Curiosity Thrilled the CAt / Sofia Kelly
Death of a Dancing Master / M. E. Kemp
Stay Tuned for Murder / Mary Kennedy
Stitch Me Deadly / Amanda Lee
Louisa and the Missing Heiress / Anna Maclean
Begging for Trouble / Judi McCoy
Sweet Revenge / Andrea Penrose
Fruit of All Evil / Paige Shelton
Murder of a Bookstore Babe / Denise Swanson
Shadows of a Down East Summer / Lea Wait
You Better Not Die / Betty Hechtman
Hollywood NBuzz / Margit Liesche
Takeover / Lisa Black
Sworn to Silence / Linda Castillo
2011, No. 2
A Crafty Kill / Lorraine Barlett
Shroud of Dishonour / Maureen Ash
Royal Blood / Rhys Bowen
Dirty Rotten Tendrils / Kate Collins
Colourful Death / Carola Dunn
A Marked Man / Barbara Hamilton
Home for a Spell / Madelyn Alt
If Walls Could Talk / Juliet Blackwell
The Chocolate Pirate Plot / JoAnna Carl
The Lies That Bind / Kate Carlisle
India Black / Carol K. Carr
Bedeviled Eggs / Laura Childs
Guilt by Association / Marcia Clark
One Grave Less / Beverly Connor
Murder on the Moor / C.S. Challinot
Old World Murder / Kathleen Ernst
A Holiday Yarn / Sally Goldenbaum
You Better Knot Die / Betty Hechtman
Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls / Victoria Laurie
Hunting for Hemingway / Diane Gilbert Madsen
Murder Your Darlings / J.J. Murphy
The Double Cross / Clare O'Donohue
Threats at Three / Ann Purser
Double Knit Murders / Maggie Sefton
An Uplifting Murder / Elaine Viets
The Pumpkin Muffin Murder / Livia J. Washburn
Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun / Lois Winston
Bee Balm Murders / Cynthia Riggs
Deadly Threads / Jane K. Cleland
Hollywood Buzz / Margit Liesche
One Was a Soldier / Julia Spencer-Fleming
Shot Through Velvet / Ellen Byerrum
Spider Web / Earlene Fowler
Sweet Jiminy / Kristin Gore
Swift Justice / Laura DiSilverio
The American Cafe / Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
The Attenbury Emeralds / Jill Paton Walsh
The Other Side of Dark / Sara Smith
Though Not Dead / Dana Stabenow
Buffalo West Wing / Julie Hyzy
Bad Samaritan / Aimee and David Thurlo
Anthem for Doomed Youth / Carola Dunn
A Brush with Death / Elizabeth Duncan
A Play of Piety / Margaret Frazer
2011, No. 3
Pie a la Murder / Melinda Wells
A Good Day to Pie / Carol Culver
The Heirloom Murders / Kathleen Ernst
In Sickness And In Deathy / Lisa Bork
Mama Sees Stars / Deborah Sharp
Classified As Murder / Miranda James
Missing Persons / Clare O'Donohue
Mind Your Own Beeswax / Hannah Reed
Lost and Fondue / Avery Aames
Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead / Emily Brightwell
The Measby Murder Enquiry / Ann Purser
The Square Root of Murder / Ada Madison
Vision Impossible / Victoria Laurie
A Taste of the Nightlife / Sarah Zettel
A Killing in Antiques / Mary Moody
A Tempest in the Tea Leaves / Kari Lee Townsend
Unraveled / Maggie Sefton
Murder on Sisters' Row / Victoria Thompson
A Lesson in Secrets / Jacqueline Winspear
Murder by Mocha / Cleo Coyle
Windy City Blues / Sara Paretsky
A Killer Collection / J.B. Stanley
A Deadly Dealer/ J.B. Stanley
A Fatal Appraisal / J. B. Stanley
A Bad Day For Scandal / Sophie Littlefield
In the Belly of Jonah / Sandra Brannan
Lot's Return to Sodom / Sandra Brannan
Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Blood Stains / Catriona McPherson
Death and the Lit Chick / G.M. Malliet
Drawing Conclusions / Donna Leon
Goodie One Shoes / Roz Siegel
The Devil's Ribbon / D.E. Meredith
Live to Gell / Lisa Gardner
Maid of Murder / Amanda Flower
2011, No. 4
A Rather Remarkable Homecoming / C.A. Belmond
Armed / Elaine Macko
Body Work / Sara Paretsky
A Killer's Christmas in Wales / Elizabeth Duncan
Gone West / Carola Dun
Lead a Horse to Murder / Cynthia Baxter
Loose Screw / Rae Davies
Murder Most Persuasive / Tracy Kiely
Pirate King / Laurie R. King
The Square Root of Murder / Ada Madison
To Sketch a Thief / Sharon Pape
The Gingerbread Bump-Off / Livia J. Washburn
Thread Reckoning / Amanda Lee
Murder of a Creped Suzette / Denise Swanson
shoe done it / grace carroll
Books Can Be Deceiving / Jenn McKinlay
How to Moon a Cat / Rebecca M. Hale
Let's Play Dead / Sheila Connolly
Skirting the Grave / Annette Blair
Foul Play at the PTA / Laura Alden
Button Holed / Kylie Logan
Death in a Difficult Postion / Diana Killian
Mind Over Murder / Allison Kingsley
Liver Let Die / Liz Lipperman
A Sheetcake Named Desire / Jacklyn Brady
A Parfait Murder / Wendy Lyn Watson
The Diva Haunts the House / Krista Davis
Crops and Robbers / Paige Shelton
Dead Bolt / Juliet Blackwell
To Catch a Leaf / Kate Collins
Who Do, Voodoo? / Rochelle Staab
Sleight of Paw / Sofie Kelly
Quickstep to Murder / Ella Barrick
Sup With The Devil / Barbara Hamilton
A Play of Heresy / Margaret Frazer
Ink Flamingos / Karen E. Olson
The Perfect Suspect / Margaret Coel
2012, No. 1
McGinty, Sue and Margaret Searles, ed. / Somewhere in Crime
Muller, Marcia / City of Whispers
Paretsky, Sara / Break Down
Wright, Nancy Means / The Nightmare
Bourbon, Melissa / Pleating for Mercy
Penny, Louise / A Trick of the Light
Robertson, Imogen / Anatomy of Murder
Fluke, Joanne / Cinnamon Roll Murder
Simon, Clea / Dogs Don't Lie
Brody, Frances / Dying in the Wool
Barbieri, Maggie / Physical Education
Stabenow, Dana / Restless in the Grave
Albert, Susan Wittig / The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies
Childs, Laura / Skeleton Letters
Albert, Susan Wittig / The Tale of Castle Cottage
Connolly, Sheila / Bitter Harvest
Douglas, Carole Nelson / Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta
Winston, Lois / Death by Killer Mop Doll
Meade, Amy Patricia / Well-Offed in Vermont
Viets, Elaine / Death on a Platter
Hunter, Maddy / Dutch Me Deadly
Bailey, Elizabeth / The Gilded Shroud
Carr, Carol K. / India Black and the Widow of Windsor
Challinor, C. S. / Murder of the Bride
Bowen, Rhys / Naughty in Nice
Rose, Karen / You Belong to Me
Goldenbaum, Sally / The Wedding Shawl
Barrett, Lorna / Sentenced to Death
Thayer, Terri / Monkey Wrench
Kingsbury, Kate / Herald of Death
Brightwell, Emily / Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up
Adams, Riley / Finger Lickin' Dead: and Hickory Smoked Homicide
Carl, JoAnna / The Chocolate Castle Clue
Bolin, Janet / Dire Threads
Lavene, Joyce and Jim / Harrowing Hats
Hyzy, Julie / Grace Interrrupted
Grace, Margaret / Mix-Up in Miniature
Chandler, Jessie / Hide and Snake Murder
Murphy, J.J. / You Might as Well Die
Penrose, Andrea / The Cocoa Conspiracy
Beason, Pamela / Endangered
Aadams, Ellery / The Last Word
Lavene, Joyce and Jim / A Spirited Gift
Lowell, Virginia / A Cookie Before Dying
Brandon, Ali / Double Booked for Death
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn / Dangerous Alterations
Stanton, Mary / Angel Condemned
Blake, Heather / It Takes a Witch
Burdette, Lucy / An Appettie for Murder
Dare, Lila / Die Job
Shelton, Paige / If Fried Chicken Could Fly
Hyzy, Julie / Affairs of Steak
Reed, Hannah / Plan Bee
Minichino, Camille / The Hydrogen Murder
2012, No. 2
Cover Her Body / Eleanor Sullivan
An African Affair / Nina Darnton
Dark Lake / Louise Gaylord
Final Sail / Elaine Viets
Grace Among Thieves / Julie Hyzy
Widow's Might / Sandra Brannan
When The Past Haunts You / L.C. Hayden
Tangled Webs /Susan Tuttle
The Hydrogen Murder / Camille Minichino
The Drowning River / Christobel Kent
The Mapping of Love and Death / Jacqueline Winspear
Silencing Sam / Julie Kramer
On the Line / S. J. Rozan
Through the Cracks / Barbara Fisher
Waking the Witch / Kelly Armstrong
No Mercy / Lori Armstrong
Blood Count / Reggie Nadelson
The Killing Edge / Heather Graham
A Night of Long Knives / Rebecca Cantrell
Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme / Carole Nelson Douglas
Murder in the Palais Royal / Cara Black
The Last Illusion / Rhys Bowen
The Cruel Ever After / Ellen Hart
A Night Too Dark / Dana Stabenow
Labyrinth / Kat Richardson
Canaan's Gate / Kathryn R. Wall
The Fires of the Gods / I(ngrid) Parker
Wanting Sheila Dead / Jane Haddam
Busy Body / M.C. Beaton
Liars All / Jo Bannister
Under Fire / Margaret McLean
A Game of Lies / Rebecca Cantrell
Mobbed / Carol Higgins Clark
The Stranger You Seek / Amanda Kyle Williams
Flash and Bones / Kathy Reichs
Clare Dewitt and the City of the Dead / Sara Gran
Force of Habit / Alice Loweecey
1222: The Scandinavian Phenomenon / Anne Holt
Mercy Kill / Lori Armstrong
Downpour / Kat Richardson
The Nightmare Thief / Meg Gardiner
Stolen Lives / Jassy Mackenzie
Murder in Passy / Cara Black
Series Updates
The Probabiity of Murder / Ada Madison
Fire Engine Dead / Sheila Connolly
The Wild Wood Enquiry / Ann Purser
Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own / Emily Brightwell
All Sales Fatal / Laura Di Silverio
A Fatal Fleece / Sally Goldenbaum
Copycat Killing / Sofie Kelly
Dead Man Waltzing / Ella Barrick
Threaded for Trouble / Janet Bolin
The Diva Digs Up the Dirt / Krista Davis
Grace Among Thieves / Julie Hyzy
Corpse in the Crystal Ball / Kari Lee Townsend
Hot Button / Kylie Logan
Foul Play at Four / Ann Purser
Cast On, Kill Off / Maggie Sefton
Reap What You Sew / Elizbeth Lynn Casey
Dread on Arrival / Claudia Bishop
Let Them Eat Stake / Sarah Zettel
The Long Stitch Good Night / Amanda Lee
The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon / Leann Sweeney
Due or Die / Jenn McKinlay
The Scarlet Pepper / Dorothy St. James
Hounds Abound / Linda O. Johnston
Sketch a Falling Star / Sharon Pape